Elf - now ready for spam

30.05.2007 21:53:37
I wonder if it should be considered flattery, when ELF has now been "accepted" as a place to post spam-messages?

I suppose it wouldn't be a bad idea to include Bad Behaviour, or some of it's kin, in the codebase. We'll see, when I get back to working on Elf long enough to qualify for a new version.

Lot's of ideas are cooking in my head, and there is hope for starting work again soon.
01.07.2007 01:27:24

John O'Rourke


I have made several simple mods to ELF:
-- flag items as open / closed,
-- mail copies of new messages to the group
-- fill in name/alias from $_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER'] ;

If you want the mods, I can send to you, but they are probably not significant enough to warrant a lot of administrative overhead.
01.07.2007 21:00:06



The open/closed is a feature already (Lock/unlock), but as for the rest; Yes, please. I would like them very much.

I am atm working on similar functionality, but I got too greedy and started modifying other significant functionality as well, and haven't yet been able to publish the changes.

Expect features as:
- highlighting unread threads
- improved template-engine
- optional mini-registration (saves e-mail and username)
- spam-filtering