this software is worth using even though development is suspended

08.01.2008 20:42:25
John O'Rourke
I use elfBBB to put up small forums for multiple independent projects.
No administration at all, I just copy it into a folder for a project
and permit users with .htaccess
I have never had to teach a client how to use it, and I have made very
few easy mods (RSS feed for new messages, turn off the language options).

This is a great free tool.

09.01.2008 09:43:14


Wow! Thank you! This is the kind of feedback that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside :-)

It's true, development has stalled - sad but true. It's not by choice, and I'm still hoping to continue to finish at least the targets I have set on my roadmap to version 2.0. Currently, sadly, this is impossible due to lack of time, due to other projects. (The excuse is always the same.) I do already have a few new ideas in store, but won't get into them until I reach my previously set goals.

If you would send in your RSS-modification, I could shove them in into the base and let others benefit from them as well. Turning off the language menu is already a feature, you can find it on the General-page in the Configuration-screen.

You can reach me by e-mail at nikc iki fi. The @ before iki, and a dot before fi.

The roadmap (actually a TODO-list) and it's status can be seen on the development site:
09.01.2008 14:01:52


Oh by the way. I added a small fix to the core, fixing slash stripping while loading. I noticed I had missed this, thanks to you. (That hyphen in your name did the trick.)
09.01.2008 16:17:59


It seems as though every time someone either compliments, or in any way comments, on ElfBB progress happens.

Several small fixes and changes were made today that improved ElfBB a little.

Keep those messages coming won't you, that way ElfBB 2.0 will be finished in no time at all :-)