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09.01.2008 21:36:01
Thanks to compliments received from an ElfBB-user, I finally got around to doing something again. Be it, that it was just some small fixes and tweaks, but it's progress none the less.

To get more organized and perhaps get things going forward at a bit hastier pace, I rearranged the roadmap (or TODO-list) I have set out to complete before claiming version 2.
28.08.2008 11:19:09


Restructured TODO-list on 9.1.2008 10.11.2011. New features and fixes will now have the version-number attached so you can check your installation. (A sort of changelog.)

All reporting of ideas and progress will be in this thread. Keep an eye on it if this interests you.

Since November 2011, done and not-happening items have been deleted. This project needs to end.

The TODO list

Highest priority:

- Make quotesource static instead of dynamic (done)
- New and improved (smarter, simpler and less resource-hogging) template engine (done)
- Easier deployment and upgrades (not happening)

High priority:

- Up to standards template (it's good enough)
- Documentation (creating templates, installing, usage) (not started, not happening)
- Update all languages. (Currently only English is complete) (not started, quite probable)
- Bugs when installing language without name (will install, but won't show up in cp) (done, but still doesn't raise error)

Medium priority:

- Add quote-functionality to message composition view (not started, not happening)
- Highlighting new messages to returning readers (done)
- Option to "remember" personal info (ie. nickname) when posting (done)
- Language editing panel (or separate tool entirely) (not started, quite probable)
- Spam-checking (some measures taken)
-- possibly integrate Bad Behaviour (not started, not happening)
-- for more info on Bad Behaviour see www.homelandstupidity.us/software/bad-behavior/

Low priority:

- Extending bb-tags (done)
-- del added in 1.5.52-2
-- img added in 1.5.52-2
- RSS-feed (not started, not happening)
- Functionality for notifying admins of updates to ElfBB (not started, not happening)
- Improving message composition UI functionality (not started, not likely but possible)
- User registration (not started, not happening)
- Sections (not started, not happening)

Maybes (ultra-low priority):

- Allow modification of own messages inside short time window (not started, not happening)
- Anonymous notification mailinglists (a.k.a. watch topic) (not started, not happening)
20.11.2008 17:01:27


Coming up next:

Version: 1.5.55, status: not started

- Add Templates into control panel


Version: 1.5.54, status: not started

- Add notice of modification to modified messages
- Improve spam fighting
- Language editor
- Language uninstall


Version: 1.5.53, status: currently in progress

- Fix redirection urls from save view
- Re-introduce pagination which was removed in 1.5.50 due to flaky design in previous version, including:
-- Paginated thread view
-- Paginated list view
-- Permalinks, that will work with paging (currently they don't), to messages


Version: 1.5.52-2, status: not released

- Fixes a whole bunch of minor bugs
-- Deprecated functions and features fixed (this project is old)
- Adds two bb-tags (del and img)
- Layout fixes

Looking at this code again makes me sick. I can't believe I'm still working on this. I've trimmed down the roadmap quite a bit. I need to finish this, so I can bury it.


Version: 1.5.52, status: not released


- Hilight new messages to returning visitors
- Mark all as read -button
- Better management of pending messages in BBCollection
- Fixed redirect on save
- Some security related improvements
- Code cleanup

What's been done so far...

Version: 1.5.51-3, status: not released, being tested and bugfixed

- Added simple spam fighting mechanism

Version: 1.5.51-2, status: released, being tested and bugfixed

- Bugfix release
- Fixes a bug which caused a save error when hiding/publishing threads/messages
- Fixes a bug which caused an error for non-admins when the thread listing contained non-public threads

Version: 1.5.51-1, status: released, being tested and bugfixed

- Bugfix release
- Fixes a bug which caused a save error to be displayed when deleting

Version: 1.5.51, status: released, being tested and bugfixed

- Bugfix release


Version: 1.5.50, status: released

- Rewrite the template-engine
- Fully localize control panel

What was done that wasn't originally planned (to this extent)
- Major sections largely rewritten
- Code restructured and commented
- Critical security bugs cured
- Most probably some new minor bugs introduced


Version: 1.5.49, status: deployed, under development

Already completed:

- Configuration moved out from $GLOBALS
- Language config now lives in peace with all the other config
- Added Language config to control panel
- Added default admin password for fresh installations
- Renamed some config keys
- Moved everything related to the notification mail into config
- Update message time stamp on modify

Todo before deployment:

- Quote source from dynamic to static, Status: mostly done (as of Sep 4th), but still needs some more work (and testing)
- Migration tool to convert current message quotes from dynamic to static, Status: not started, probably scrapped since the user base is so small anyway


Version: 1.5.48, status: packed and deployed for download
- Configurable sender for e-mail -notification
- Bug fix in loading content (slash stripping)
- Added rel="nofollow" to links irrelevant to spiders
- Added "replying to" -heading for reply composition form
- Configurable height (rows) for the message composition textarea
- 3 new configuration keys
- 3 new language keys
- 2 new template tags (both in the post-templates)
- Miscellaneous other small fixes and tweaks

If you have modified your templates, don't upgrade just yet. Wait for the version with the new template-engine. The upgrades are not critical. You can ofcourse upgrade if you want :-)


- Spam-checking, the simple version
- Threadview when replying
- MySQL-database as alternative to files
- Move version-number out of config
- Quoting
- More advanced search (understands exclusion with a '-' prefix to search terms)