Release of 1.5.49 getting closer

04.09.2008 17:59:54
I finally got quoting working as I want it to. Only a few more corners to smooth out. Then the simple (not really) task of writing a comment migration tool for old installations and 1.5.49 will be packed and deployed.

I wouldn't count on it happening this week since my weekend is already packed (they all seem to be), or next week either, but I'm setting my aims for getting it out before the end of the month.
04.09.2008 20:29:10


I couldn't wait, but updated this forum to version 1.5.49 immediately. The deployed (for download) version is also now 1.5.49, because the previously packed version was very old. Thanks to moving Elf into SVN updating (and deploying) is now much easier than before.

Updating in general wasn't really as trouble free as I wanted it to be though. As the configuration, among many other things, had changed very drastically from the version I was previously running, the board was not working at all after the update. (Well, it was, but not like expected. It was basically running without any config.)

But as a positive note, deleting config.php did the trick, and everything worked even better than expected! Yay!

On another positive note, even quotes work without the migration tool, although their source goes unmentioned. But it's a nice thing to know that they don't break completely.

04.09.2008 21:52:11


Added rudimentary (and not very user friendly) installation instructions.

Maybe someday I'll rewrite it. Maybe someday it will not be so technical. (There are ideas regarding this, too, cooking in my head.)