Work on 1.5.50 started

05.09.2008 14:28:54
I started working on 1.5.50 because I had to get working on the new template engine before I can complete the quoting functions, as I suspect it might be affected.

Basic functionality is already working, i.e. the threadlist-view works, but that's all at the moment. I'm probably going to redesign my initial idea slightly because it turned out to be quite cumbersome in the end.

Progress. It happens.
14.11.2008 15:31:42


A bit of progress again.

In order to make the code more manageable and understandable I've been going through the code and rearranging, commenting and remaking it here and there. The biggest change so far has been changing most classes to use the singleton model.

I believe this will be of a big help in the future in making Elf more stable and easier to manage. Perhaps (and hopefully) also to include in your own projects / websites.
17.11.2008 20:23:50


1.5.50-unstable has now reached the phase when it can again be considered to be a working forum.

The code has seen huge rewrites for large parts and this has brought with it more readable and better code, commented code and also the removal of a few serious security bugs.

Also the rewrite of the templating engine has simplified the templates a lot. But, on the other hand some small understanding of PHP is now required, but if you don't need another template than the default template you'll be fine even if you don't really understand PHP.
17.11.2008 22:19:44


As I made the last commit of this evening, 1.5.50 is again a fully operational forum.

See the changelog thread for more detailed information on changes.
18.11.2008 17:12:14


Every day a little bit further.

Currently I have mostly been working on the default template and templating mechanics in general. It's starting to look good (visuals aside), which probably means I've missed something critical ;-)

But by the way work is progressing at the moment a next version release can still be expected by the end of the year.

And that will be a major release.
19.11.2008 17:25:43


Mostly theme progress today. But I also did try a dry run of installing a clean version of Elf. It worked - after a few bug fixes, which is nice :-)

There are still a few rough corners to smooth out and then I'll update this site and pray for the best.