About the new default theme

20.11.2008 16:56:25
The new default theme is a bit colourful and perhaps not as designy as I wanted, but it's a showcase of what can be done with using just CSS and the new templating engine. (Engine sounds very much like overkill, but in the lack of a better word, it'll have to do.)

I still ended up using a table-layout for the actual messageboard part, mainly because it was easy and I wanted quick results, and because...well it was easy. I'll probably end up doing one or more alternative out-of-the-box layouts with a bit different approaches, but as a whole, I'm very satisfied in the new templating engine and the possibilities it introduces.

If you make a design for Elfbb, I'd appreciate if you would like to contribute it to the project.

Credits for the icons I've used go to Fam Fam Fam www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/
21.02.2009 00:21:57


hey there...
04.03.2009 14:06:01