Any new developments?

16.03.2009 22:57:54
Are there any new active developments done on ELF?
17.03.2009 09:48:25


Not since the last release in January, apart from the odd bugfix. I've been terribly busy (lame excuse, but true none the less) on my day job and other projects.

But Elfbb is not abandoned in any way, it just seems to advance in bursts. I sit down every now and then and do a big lot at once, instead of steadily working on it. Not the ideal, but on the other hand it has helped improve Elfbb a lot, because due to long pauses it gives me headaches to look at crappy code which needs to be worked out, and makes me eliminate that.

I've also been pondering about putting it up on Google Code to let others contributions easier, but for now the status quo is what it is.

To watch progression, keep an eye on the roadmap at