new version

07.12.2004 17:27:25

i need to update my elf

im using an old version, whats the asiest way to get it going again?

im starting a new message forum, and I hate phpbb and all the other lagged programs.

please help me get a fresh version of elf running

04.01.2005 14:55:48


Hi Rich,

Sorry for the delayed reply, but I was away on holiday for two weeks and been real overloaded at work since.

What you need to do when updating:
- Backup the data-directory that contains you messages.

- Make a backup of your configuration file.

- Download the new version

- Replace all ELF files with the new version,

- Replace the files in the data-directory with your backups.

Now you should already be up and running, with a default config. Then you can either edit the new configuration file (using you previous config as reference), or replace it with the old one. Once I get the config-panel finished all this will be simpler.

ELF has some bugs -that I am aware of- in the paging-feature, but I'll get working on them as soon as my new computer arrives. I just ordered it. The other planned features will hopefully also be finished very soon.