Release 1.5.52, ElfBB now highlights new threads and threads with new posts

18.11.2009 11:21:34
Highlighting new threads is now finally a feature of Elfbb. However, this version has not been packed for release, as I wan't to wrap in some more before releasing again, because previous frequent releases seem to have been quite buggy. This way, I'll be testing new stuff for a longer time before final testing is put upon the shoulders of you, the end users.

Next up is pagination, after that I'll be releasing a new version for download.

But, about the highlighting feature. If this is your first visit since 1.5.51, all of the messages should be highlighted as new at the moment. During your session, messages that were flagged new when you arrived, are unflagged when you read them. After your session expires, only newer messages than your last page refresh will be highlighted, so there is no persistent memory of your reading history. If you delete the cookie or it expires all messages will once again be flagged as unread. Default lifetime for the cookie is 30 days.

A mark all as read button will be added in the next version.
18.11.2009 17:34:52


Well, good news and bad news.

I've gotten some inspiration for working on Elfbb again, but once again that inspiration will bring some trouble for updaters. Not much, but just a tad.

Anyway, I have a gut feeling the todo list will be getting a lot of ticks in the days and weeks to come. Keep your ears peeled.