BBCode Icons

12.06.2011 19:37:40
Hello, forum is great. I will use it and make translation to Serbian.
And to make some Themes for forum.

But I got an idea.
Under Topic field needs icons for easy BBCodes insert.

B - bold tag
i - italic tag
U - underline tag
(some photo) - img tag
font colour
and maybe smileys :)

And it is all!

Good luck
24.06.2011 16:45:14


Thanks for the compliment!

Translations would be very much appreciated. Sadly, no tools exist for that yet, so it'll be manual work. (Sorry.) BUT, the responsibility of keeping stuff up to date will rest on your shoulders.

Improving the editor is on the roadmap, but isn't a high priority. Smileys will not be included however.